Mario Berlinguer

09 Dec 2013, Article
Oh Ahab
" Oh! Ahab " is my latest choir work, from a line found in Melville's Moby Dick. It is rather easy to perform, as long as the choir (SATB) is large enough for the sopranos, altos, and basses to split and still produce a powerful and dramatic sound (please note that some sopranos could help the altos in those parts, and vice-versa, and some tenors could support the basses where needed). That's all there's to say about it. The score is free, and there's also an audio file to give you an idea of ...
20 Jun 2013, Article
Esercizi e Studietti - an explanation
In one page . Like for many amateur pianists, and like many other composers, it's always been difficult for me to keep my fingers and my reading on the piano in good shape. Granted, you could practices daily scales and arpeggios, or you could keep under your fingers some masterpieces of the piano repertoire, but who has the time for that? For people like me, which don't have the gift of an instinctual pianism, to keep in repertoire the Well Tempered Klavier, or Chopin's Etudes is almost impossible, ...